The Orthodoxy of Aamania is a secluded country in the north, ruled by the Merciful Sister. Aamanians strive for a pure life of order and service.

+2 Con or +2 Wis

Racial Power: Healing Touch. Once per battle, heal an ally with a touch. Expend a recovery while an ally heals as if he had spent a recovery.

Chana (Witchmen)

The Chana are one of the native tribes of the dragonspire islands, known for the dark practices of their witch women.

+2 Dex or +2 Wis

Racial Power: Spirit Calling. Once per battle, when you kill an enemy, gain a bonus to all defenses equal to the escalation die until the end of your next turn.


Handsome, green skinned travellers from a city of mages on the eastern continent. Many trade in the arcane arts, in either goods or services.

+2 Int or +2 Cha

Racial Power: Arcane Schooling: Gain a Wizard utility spell at your level.


A travelling folk from the Draconian Empire. Some of them took to the sea, following the trade routes on colorful ships that house an entire carnival. The common folk of the islands welcome the distractions the Dhuna bring, but they have a superstitious fear of their "evil eye".

+2 Int or +2 Cha

Racial Power: The Evil Eye; Quick action; Once per battle: The next time the target enemy rolls a natural odd attack, the attack is a miss.


The ruling class of the Draconian Empire. In the isles, they usually serve in the fleet, often in commanding positions or as artillery sorcerer, or in the administration. A few have retired to civilian lives.

+2 Str or +2 Cha

Racial power: Breath Weapon: Once per battle, make a close-quarters breath weapon attack as a quick action using your highest ability score against one nearby enemy's Physical Defense. On a hit, the attack deals 1d6 damage per your level of an energy type that makes sense for your character.


Ratmen (and -women), despised in civilized lands, but often hired aboard ships as they never complain about doing grunt work or low pay, stick to themselves, and survive weeks and months on rotten foods that would kill any other race. From the shadows, they run the most effective espionage and smuggling network across the isles.

+2 Dex or +2 Wis

Racial power: Foul Odor; Once per battle; quick action; Target: 1d3 nearby enemies; Attack: Con + level vs. PD; Hit: the target is dazed (save ends)

Ferrans roll twice on saving throws against disease and poison effects and take the better result.

Gao-Din Sea Rogues

Before the Empire spread its influence along the Dragonspire Islands, the Gao-Din ruled the high seas, exploring new routes and negotiating passage with the dragons. They are a mixed race of many peoples who had a reason to flee their homeland and one point or another. Originally honest traders who uphold a code of honor, the monopoly of the baron and the tight hand of the empire has forced many of them to go rogue.

+2 to any ability score

Racial Power: Swashbuckling Stunt (as per the Rogue talent, but as a move action and does not require momentum)


A sea-faring race of cut-throats, where the family is the ship crew and respect is earned by capturing or killing enemies. While they are not above piracy, their main business is running the slave trade for the Baron.

+2 Str or +2 Con

Racial power: Dirty Fighting: Once per battle, when you roll a natural 16+ with an attack, you can also hamper the target until the end of your next turn.


A warrior race created as foot troops by an empire of a previous age. Hairless and grey-skinned, they all look alike (except for gender). To create individuality, they tattoo their bodies from head to toe. Despite their skill as warriors, they are banned from serving as officers in the Imperial Fleet. Instead, they often serve as soldiers on mercenary ships, trade ships, or pirate ships.

+2 Str or +2 Con

Racial power: Bred for combat. You gain a Fighter talent as a bonus talent. Choose between Counter-Attack, Power Attack, Skilled Intercept and Tough As Iron.


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