Magic Items

Ring of Zombie Form

When you put on this ring, your physical form changes to a zombie. You take a –5 penalty to Charisma and Dexterity skill checks (no penalty to attacks), to disengage checks, and to initiative rolls.
Once per day, you can use the ring to gain 30 temporary hit points, as per a 1st-level Zombie Form spell.
Quirk: Talk slowly and groan for no reason

Knife of the Reaper

(Adventurer: +1 to attack and damage)
Once per battle, you can teleport to the back of an enemy. This allows you to use Sneak Attack. However, if the attack is a natural 1, the knife teleports you behind a random ally.
Quirk: Look for opportunities to screw over your friends

Snakefang Amulet

(Adventurer: +1 to saves when you have 10 or less hp)
You deal 2d6 extra poison damage with your first hit with a melee attack in a battle.
Quirk: Get easily offended and hiss at people

Staff of Xidil'Anum

(Adventurer: arcane implement / melee weapon, +1 attack and damage)
When you make a melee attack with this staff, use Intelligence for the attack roll and target the opponent's MD.
Quirk: Always look for a place to hide, no matter the situation

Cloak of Elvenkind

(Adventurer: PD +1)
Add +4 to checks to hide in natural surroundings.
Quirk: Prefers the finest things in life; of course, they are elven antiques.


Magic Items

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