The Pirate King

The Pirate King is not a single man but a title. Those who hold a genuine piece of the first King's jolly roger flag join in a secret cove every 7 years to elect a new one. Of course, this election is a no-holds-barred contest of political cunning and fighting prowess, with bribery, uneasy alliances and plenty of backstabbing.

The Empress

The Empire of Draconia, far to the west, is a land of many races, but it is ruled by Dragonborn nobles. In the eyes of the Empire, the Dragonspire Islands are an extension of their vast lands, an overseas protectorate. After the Imperial Fleet, and its elite dragon riders, achieved a truce in the Blackscale War, the Empire has established outposts on many islands. However, outside of their fortified outposts, and islands ruled by allied dragons, their rule is shaky.

The Deep One

The dragons might rule the sky, but their reach does not extend below the surface. This is the realm of the Deep One, an ancient being that has many servants in the dark depths.

Although most sailors won't admit it, they pay tribute to the Deep One, in the hope of safe passage to the afterlife should they find their end on the high seas.

The Merciful Sister

The Order of the Merciful Sister is both a military and a religious organization. Served entirely by women, it has established fortified monasteries near many imperial outposts. They act as healers, educators, missionaries, and defenders against the supernatural.

The Sugar Baron

The Baron owns a tightly controlled monopoly on many of the trade goods, including sugar cane and rum, tobacco and cigars, coffee, pineapples and even mail delivery. He also organizes the slave trade, with the tacit approval of the Empire. His trade ships criss-cross the islands and connect them to the continents.

The Witch Queen

Natives and escaped plantation slaves inhabit the jungles of the larger islands, forming small tribes hidden under the tree canopy. Their shamans serve the Witch Queen, a supernatural being of considerable arcane power. For the civilized


Bahamut, the oldest and mightiest of the metallic dragons, inhabits a flying fortress far above the mundane daily squabbles of the island chain. Outside of a staunch paladin order, he has few agents among the humanoid races, preferring to deal with his own kin.


The 5-headed ruler of the chromatic dragons. After a fight with Bahamut aeons ago (which either created the islands or sank a continent, depending on who you ask), she is said to sleep under a large volcano deep in the south. Still, she is revered as a patron of Sorcerers.

The Sensei

The Sensei is a scholar and alchemist from the Quan Empire, at the height of its power in the previous age. He succeeded at what all scholars aim for, and created an elixir of eternal life. Unfortunately for him, a rat had crawled into the apparatus over night, and was cooked alive in the concoction. He himself turned into a Ferran when he drank the brew. (Without the rat, the recipe is merely a mild laxative).

He fled the palace and turned to live with the ratmen, where he is revered as a great sage.

The Stargazer

The Stargazer has a lonely laboratory atop one of the highest peaks of the Dragonspire Islands, where he (she?) studies the paths of the planets and stars. Kings and commoners undertake a pilgrimage to his peak to gain insight on the future. He is said to speak in riddles.

He is also considered a patron of the arcane arts, as magic said to have come from broken pieces of stars that fell from the sky.

The cymrillians insist that the Stargazer is a member of their race, but according to the dragonborn and other races, the Stargazer is a naga.


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