Geography and History

The Dragonspire Islands are a chain of over two hundred large and small islands, stretched over hundreds of miles in a south to west arc. They take their name from the native dragons, who have made a home on the highest mountains of the chain for aeons.

As the islands connect important trade routes, there have always been attempts to settle the islands, but apart from native tribes, who knew how to hide in the deeper jungles, any attempt to create civilized cities have been thwarted by the dragons. Only after an uneasy truce at the end of the Blackscale War have some of the Dragon Lords allowed traders from the continents to establish outposts.

Each island reflects the nature of the dragon who rules it. While the metallic dragons have started to engage with the civilized races and allowed trade to flourish, many of the chromatic dragons rule over harsh and wild environments. Red dragon islands are barren volcanoes, green dragon islands are impenetrable jungles, while white dragons rule over icy glaciers in the middle of the tropics.

One of the largest settlements is St. Bartholomy on Sugarcane Island, which is home to the largest cathedral of the Merciful Sister and the largest harbor of the Imperial Fleet. Even though the island has a governor, its true ruler is The Contessa, a silver dragon known for her fashionable humanoid guises, her exclusive salons and her extensive collection of antiques.

Some pirates have struck bargains with chromatic dragons, sharing part of the bounty in exchange for safe passage and the occasional fiery breath against the sails of a pursuing imperial ship.


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