The Dragonspire Islands

Blue balls (or were they grey?)

After Lucy's fall from the canopy, Octavious found her in the undergrowth and Skitter cut a path to reclaim the slumbering simian. Then, the party was back on the trail of adventure.

Eventually, the intrepid explorers came upon a clearing in the jungle and Skitter noticed a foul smell reminiscent of rotten vegetation. While trying to remember his college classes on carnivorous plants, Thessalo walked straight into Skitter's back and initiatives were rolled. In the clearing was a large bulbous plant with rows of teeth lining… With tentacles following his movement, Skitter moved into the clearing and experimentally threw a dagger at the body of the plant, which did little except provoke it. Reluctant to enter the clearing, Trellyan sent a rainbow hurtling through the air but did little damage. The green fiend responded by throwing seeds at Skitter and releasing a cloud of spores; leaving Skitter confused and unable to determine friend from foe. Fearing for his companion's safety, Thessalo let loose his strongest spell, a conjured arrow of acid… and missed. Reacting to the spell, Skitter spotted the attacking mage and threw a dagger, which rebounded off Thessalo's shimmering shield. Treyllian dropped a prismatic meteorite (raining mirror balls) at the plant, and Thessalo dashed into the clearing to save Skitter, who continued to attack the evasive mage with axes. Thessalo fired off a ray of frost and destroyed a tentacle with psychic damage (that means he crushed it with his mind) before a hatchet struck him across his back and a seed slammed him in the face. Then, he was down.

As Skitter stood alone against tentacles, teeth, seed and spore, Trellyan recognised an age old truth: the only thing more dangerous to a wizard than fool-hardiness, was being stranded alone in the jungle of a cursed pirate island. He rushed out of the tree-line towards the rapidly dying green-skinned wizard, chose the elixir that usually made Trellyan feel the most refreshed, and poured it into the wizard's mouth. Low tolerances to psychotropic drugs had not been taken into account. Colours entered Thessalo's vision that he had experienced before and, although he was still moments from death, he felt it was all a dream; especially when Octavious appeared from the treeline in the arms of a scantily clad amazonian. "Oh, look!" Thessalo thought. "She brought her friends."

       Several amazonians burst out…

Thessalo got the killing blow then fell asleep. Trellyan was impressed by a drug he'd never met before.

       Went to Amazonian village. Got welcomed in an given blue balls (or were they grey? Pre-Chewed balls that numbed your mouth)

      Trellyan was smitten by a lady.

      Thessalo arm-wrestled a 90-year old into his bed.

      Met a fighter who talks to imaginary people and thought "this is the kind of guy we want beside us in a dangerous situation."

      Found out the treasure map was a promotional tool for a bar owned by Skitter's relative (which now has a rather fetching water-sculpture of a treasure chest.)

      Found out that the most fashionable thing these days is falling into zombie infested rivers; all the cool people are doing it, even crocodile-headed guardian statues.


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