The Dragonspire Islands

The Treasure of Skull Island

It was a dark and stormy night, as Thassilo spent the evening gambling away in the Broken Keg tavern of Port Kershaw.

One of their opponents was an old seadog, who had been losing a good pile of coins over the evening. When he had no stack left, he put up a special item as a bargain chip – an old map, which he claimed to be the key to find the treasure of the legendary Captain Ironfin.

Thassilo agreed to the bargain, and promptly lost most of his earnings back to the old man. Unwilling to let him walk away with the map, he offered to buy it instead. After some haggling, the old man agreed.

Thassilo was eager to claim the treasure, but it was not an endeavour he could embarge on alone. He called over his old friend Skitter, who had been gambling at a different table. Skitter suggested to bring along Trellyan, a mage he met earlier when he accidentally broke one of his water statues while running away from a bunch of thugs.

While they had a map of the island, they still had no idea where the island was to be found. They only knew that it was somewhere south. That's when they heard of Redbeard, a grumpy old fisherman, who apparently had ferried adventurers to the island before.

They found him selling dried squid in the harbor, and negotiated passage.

The trip to the island was uneventful, and after a few days they found themselves at the beach of their goal, Skull Island.

They were greeted by a bunch of skulls that were perched on sticks every few meters along the beach. Undeterred, they made their way through the coastal jungle. Here, they encountered the shrunken head of a man named Pete. Unfortunately for Pete, he didn't appear to be much help, and they left him hanging at the palm tree.

The path led further across a swamp, where a log causeway allowed them to cross. A few mending cantrips by Trellyan helped them where rotten logs made passage difficult. Trellyan also attempted to cross a difficult section by making himself magically float, but that's when two fierce crocodiles attacked. Luckily for him, the first bite only chewed into the stick he was using to push himself forward.

The party immediately fought back with Rays of Frost, Color Sprays and sneak attacking daggers. After a harsh fight, they emerged victorious, with Skitter delivering the last blow by jumping on a crocodile's head.

They made it through the remainder of the swamp and reached another jungle area, where the ever-growing bush had concealed the path. They were greeted by a bunch of screeching monkeys, who threatened to throw coconuts at anyone attempting to cross what they considered their territory.

But Trellyan had a solution – he grabbed a coconut that one of the monkeys threw to his feet, and used his alchemy skills to spike the milk with some of his Thaecian nectar. His familiar Lucy successfully delivered the drink to the monkeys, but not without getting a taste for herself. Soon, the sound of monkeys dropping from trees could be heard across the jungle, poor Lucy included.


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